Hastelloy Fittings Manufacturer

Hastelloy Fittings are generally acclaimed because of its superb resistance against consumption in oxidizing and decreasing situations. Most appropriate for concoction related applications in cruel situations of commercial ventures, these fittings are connected in the establishment of different autos, channels, overwhelming obligation machines, ducts, and so on.

Likewise perfect for marine applications, these fittings are in consistence with industry benchmarks and standards. These fittings are offered in distinctive weight evaluations to suit different application necessities. These fittings are composed uniquely for utilization in pipelines that pass on soluble and acidic fluids in weight vessels, atomic reactors, concoction reactors and warmth exchangers.

These guarantee least divider diminishing rate with brilliant resistance against chemicals. There is no harm on the fittings in the circumstance of weight over-burden and tall building temperature. We have extensive variety of sizes and weight evaluations in these fittings, suited to satisfy prerequisites of a few commercial ventures.

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Available with :
  • --ERW
  • --Welded
  • --Seamless
  • --Fabricated

Technical Specifications :
Hastelloy C-276 (UNS No N10276), C-4 (UNS No N06455), Hastelloy C 2000 and Hastelloy C 22 (UNS No N06022)

Application Area
  • --Chemical industry
  • --Oil & gas industry
  • --Engineering industry
  • --Automotive industry
  • --Nuclear industry
  • --Petroleum industry